Evergreen, It likes morning sun with afternoon shade. Flowers come in white, red, or pink. Most varieties grow to 6'.
Deer resistant sun loving perennial, It grows about a foot tall and flowers in summer
Cedar,Blue Atlas
Although immature plants are narrow - they do widen up as they age. Grows 25' tall in full to partial sun. Beautiful lawn specimen.
Cedar, Blue Atlas, Weeping
Great accent plant gets wider as it ages - grows to 12'
Cedar, Deodora, Golden
Full sun. Quick growing to 40'. True showpiece with it's drooping branches and golden highlights.
Cedar, Eastern Red
Super Hardy! Salt and deer resistant, Plant in full sun to partial shade. Grows to 25' tall and 8-9' wide. The Taylors variety can be used for an Italian Cypress substitute (25 x 4').
Cedar, Weeping Alaskan
Grows in full sun to part shade @ 1'/year up to 40'. Grow as an upright pyramid with weeping branches. Best used as a specimen plant.
Cherry, Kwanzan
Kwanzan cherry are mature at 20' tall and 30' wide. They get masses of puffy pink flower clusters in early Spring. They flower best in full sun.
Cherry, Okame
Strong flowering habit. Many small pink flowers in early Spring. Grows to 25 feet tall.
Cherry, Snowfountin
Dwarf, white flowering weeping cherry.
Cherry, Weeping Pink
Graceful acsending  branches then sharply weeping. Light pink flowers in early Spring.
Deer resistant perennial for sunny spots.
Coral Bells
Perennial used for its colorful leaves. Grows 1' tall and wide.
Crab Apple
Beautiful, fragrant flowers cover these small trees in early may.
Crab Apples come in many shapes and sizes.
April Showers - weeping white dwarf
Emerald Sentinal - Narrow form - red flowers
Prairy Fire - Red rounded head to 20'
Royal Raindrops - weeping pink
Crape Myrtle
Mid to late Summer small flowering tree or shrub. Comes in either red, white, pink, or purple flowers. Full sun for best color.
A quick growing conifer - 3'/year - up to 40' tall. Sun or shade - deer rsistant.
Cryptomeria, Globe
Dwarf form, grows 4' x 4'
Cypress, Gold Mop
Slowly mounds up to 4' tall at maturity. Easy to keep lower by pruning. Needs full su for its best color.
Cypress, Hinoki
Hinoki Cypress are beautiful evergreens with swirling foliage. Grows in sun or shade. Most varieties are mature at 25' tall.
Cypress, Leyland
Fast growing in full sun (3'-5'/year) these are one the most popular screening evergreens.