Magnolia, Jane
Jane Magnolia have magenta flowers and grow 12' tall.
Magnolia, Southern
Southern Magnolia are known for their super fragrant, extra large white Summer flowers.
Mature at 25' tall. Plant in full sun.
Magnolia, Star
Star Magnolia grow 12' tall. White flowers early spring.
Shade loving Mahonia (Oregon Grape Holly) grow 5' tall. They have rich green holly like leaves with sprays of yellow flowers in early Spring. Highly deer resistant.
Maple, Bloodgood
Japanese Bloodgood Maple is an upright cut leaf red tree that grows to 18' tall.
Maple,Japanese Weeping
Red weeping maple - slow growing mounding habit.
Maple, Japanese Wp - Green
Weeping Japanese Maple - Virdigris grows faster than the red variety