Large colorful perennial for full sun. Grows 4'-5' tall with large pink or red flowers in Summer.
Holly, Blue Princess
Blue Princess grow 8'-9' tall and 5' wide. Red berries. Grows in sun or shade.
Holly, Centenial Girl
It grows 12'x5' in sun or shade. Many red berries in Fall.
Holly, Compacta
The most used of the Japanese Holly, they grow 5'x5' in sun or shade. Makes an excellent hedge.
Holly, Nellie Stevens
Grows 25' X 15' With orange/red berries.
Holly, Oakleaf
Oakleaf Holly grow 15'-20' tall x 6'-8' wide.
Best results in full sun.
Holly, Skypencil
Skypencil Holly grows 6'-8' high, but only 2' wide
Holly, Steeds
Steeds Japanese Holly grows 9'x5' in a tight pyramid. Plant in sun or shade.
A narrow tree. Mature at 25' tall and 8' wide
A family of shade loving perennials, they range in size and color.
Hydrangea, Macrophylla
Mop head Hydrangea love a mix of sun and shade. They include white, pink, blue, or red flowers. Some varieties are reblooming.
Hydrangea, P.G.
P.G. Hydrangea like full sun. They can grow up to 9' tall. Long lasting white flowers fade to pink.